3-Day Build Cool Mobile Apps with Thunkable

How is a mobile app created, and is it any fun? In this 3 half-day camp, we hope to show your child that creating mobile apps can be an outlet for creative expression and a tool for picking up coding. Using Thunkable, students will learn to use a platform that professionals use but also is a great learning tool. Throughout the camp, they will be exposed to design thinking knowledge (User Interface/User Experience) and build cool mobile apps through a simplified drag-and-drop app creation process.

Camp Details


3 days/ 9:30am – 12:30 noon (morning) or 2-5pm (afternoon)

Age10 Yrs and Up
Price $359 / $315 (early-bird pricing)
This camp may be held via zoom. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop and smart phone/tablet.
*Camps will only start with a minimum enrolment of 3 participants.

Build Cool Mobile Apps with Thunkable

Build Cool Mobile Apps with Thunkable is a 3-half day mobile app development camp for 10 yr olds and above. The aim of the camp is to impart an understanding of the mobile app development process, gain background knowledge about UI/UX, privacy, and stimulate thinking about the future of mobile applications.

Students will be guided to create a quiz app, grade checker app, a gyromaze game and a "safe-entry" check in app.


Gain a basic understanding of block-based coding and its applications

Demonstrate ability to apply elements of basic UI/UX to mobile app design

Learn how to integrate phone sensors (accelerometer) capabilities into complex app designs

Instill computational thinking and inspire a problem solving mindset.

Camp Schedule

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Grade Checker

Privacy Issues


Integrating sensors

Linking Databases

Quiz App

Gyromaze App

Safe Entry App

Camps will start with a minimum of 3 participants.

Our Pedagogy

We spend hours intentionally building these life skills in our students so that not a minute is wasted.



Our holiday camps are suitable for beginners who have no prior knowledge or experience in technology-related courses. Even if your child has had prior knowledge or experience, he or she will still find our holiday camps refreshing due to the sheer variety of platforms we cover and the thematic approach we employ which makes every camp different and new.

No lunch will be provided as this is not a full day camp. However, short breaks will be given in between the camp where your child can consume snacks and drinks.

He was intrigued by how technology could influence a robot and kept raving about the fun he had at this class.
Mdm Catherine Ho, parent of Emory, 6 years old

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Alexandra/River Valley

24-26 Nov

(Afternoon) 2 – 5pm

Alexandra/River Valley

29 Nov - 1 Dec

(Morning) 9:30am – 12:30pm

Alexandra/River Valley

8-10 Dec

(Afternoon) 2 – 5pm

Alexandra/River Valley

13-15 Dec

(Morning) 9:30am – 12:30pm

Alexandra/River Valley

22-24 Dec

(Afternoon) 2-5pm

Alexandra/River Valley

27-29 Dec

(Morning) 9:30am – 12:30pm