Post-PSLE Tech Accelerator

ripplecreate’s Post-PSLE Tech Accelerator program is an intensive 8-week program that offers post-PSLE students the chance to take a deep dive into coding. This program will provide scaffolded learning in the form of twice-weekly sessions for (i) syntax programming in Python and (ii) mobile app development with Thunkable.

Camp Details

Duration 4-6pm, Mon & Thurs (16 lessons, starting from 7 Oct)
Age 11 - 12 Years Old
Price $1120

About Python

Python is one of the most popular computer languages in the world. It is well known for its versatility being used in many areas such as web development, big data, networking and education. It is an easy-to-learn language and is widely used in coding education. ripplecreate teaches Python to students to build a strong computational thinking foundation and uses it as a platform to elevate a students’ learning to more complex concepts.

About Thunkable

Thunkable is a professional web service that allows users to develop working apps that can be published as both IOS and Android apps. However, it lands itself as a very good learning tool as it has simplified the app creation process. Through our lessons, students can look forward to creating their own working apps. Students will pick up useful skills by integrating coding, problem solving and creative thinking in app creation process.

Learning Objectives

To jumpstart students’ tech skills by building a strong tech knowledge foundation

To grasp complex computational thinking through our well-scaffolded lessons

To cultivate strong problem-solving skills through projects

Program Outline

Computational Thinking with Python
Installation and Using Python
Getting Started Python programming
Writing Python Code
Understanding Variables and Operators
User Input and Output
Manipulating Variables
How to Loop
Understanding Conditionals
Using Boolean Expressions in a Condition
Nested Conditions
Using Logical Operators
Using Conditions
Modules and Functions
Implementing Functions
Apps Development with Thunkable
Setting up Thunkable
Introduction to Thunkable Editor
Creating App Interface
Using App Components
Introduction to Programming
Understand Lists
Creating Multi Screen Apps
Introduction to Database in Thunkable
Creating A Randomiser App
Creating a To-do List

Upcoming Dates

Venue Date Time
River Valley From 7 Oct 4:00pm – 6:00pm Register Now