Preschool Coding Programs @ St James Church Kindergarten

11 Dec 2020 –

ripplecreate has been running a series of preschool coding programs for nursery and kindergarten children at various St. James Church Kindergarten (SJCK) campuses.

One of the preschool coding programs run by ripplecreate was a 3-day music and coding holiday camp. The children tinkered with an electronic building block platform that has intuitive sensors for sound, light and touch. As a result, the children were very engaged by the interaction with the platform and picked up easily the scientific principles behind various phenomena, like how light switches work for instance. This provided an excellent introduction to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math).

Overall, the camp provided the SJCK students early exposure to coding through experiential activities, which they enjoyed immensely. As a bonus, they even took home some art and craft creations of their own!