Virtual and Augmented Reality Teacher’s Training

23 Feb 2021-

ripplecreate recently held a Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Teachers’ Training course for a group of MOE educators. We deployed trainers to help upskill the group of circa 30 school leaders and teachers on VR/AR. Our aim is to equip these educators with the skills to incorporate new learning technologies into their classroom. Consequently, this will go some way to helping them improve the interactivity of their lessons.

One of the highlights of the course was a learning journey to Nanyang Technological University (NTU), made possible by ripplecreate’s partnership with Vartel Edu. The teachers got to experience industry level applications of VR & AR and learnt how professors at NTU use these technologies to create scientifically accurate models. For instance, some of the models included an interactive biography of the late Anne Frank and an exploded view of the heart.

With the rapid advancement of VR/AR, we are excited to see how the classrooms of the future will evolve, especially in the age of online learning.

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