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Local Schools

ripplecreate is proud to be an appointed training vendor of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for the Code

For Fun program, ICM Learning Roadmap.


International schools

We have the expertise and experience to develop a full-scale tech-based learning course for international schools looking to incorporate it into their mainstay curriculum. If you are looking for ad-hoc customized workshops or training sessions for your students or teachers’ professional development, we also conduct specialized training sessions including but not limited to drones, robotics, micro-controllers (arduino and micro:bit), cyber-security, game development, web design and coding.



    ripplecreate has brought the wonders of technology and joys of learning to code to many young ones through our preschool-friendly programmes.

    Young learners enjoy inquiry-based and experiential games while picking up basic coding principles and computational thinking skills through both plugged and unplugged activities. With a considered and balanced approach to use of screen-time, pre-schoolers get to learn in a safe and healthy environment,

    If you are a preschool educator looking for exciting ways to teach little tots about the future of technology or introduce coding to your preschool education programme, get in touch with us.



    Looking for fun and experiential programs, courses and activities in the area of future skills and coding? Planning for team bonding and continual learning activities to benefit your colleagues and staff? Interested in organising parent and child bonding/learning events?

    At ripplecreate, we have successfully completed many corporate training and team bonding events for numerous organisations and corporations. Our programs require zero coding or technical knowledge, where we carefully plan and curate fun and real life relevant projects. Our experiential activities include building a fitness fit-bit, to more intriguing projects like flying drones, programming games and home automation devices (IoT).

    We have a wide repertoire of courses and activities to suit every requirement, in terms of duration, level of challenge and number of participants. We are also an IMDA authorized partner in the Digital Maker Programme, in which IMDA funds free learning courses.

    Looking for customized workshops or training sessions?