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Wondering what is the best way to provide your child with the most engaging and structured coding and STEAM academic program?

Ripple Tech Program

The Ripple Tech Program is a comprehensive, holistic STEAM-based program which offers a clear progression structure for ICT education, as well as learning objectives customized to your child's age.

Our program caters to students’ wide-ranging interests including coding, virtual reality, web, game and mobile app development as well as digital media coding languages like Python and Javascript. Content is updated regularly to ensure the latest technology trends in the industry are available for our learners.

Game Development

Bring your children’s imagination to reality through developing their own games, interactive stories and animations. This track will build on children’s computational thinking, critical and problem-solving skills, logic and strategy while engaging them with developmentallyappropriate game creation platforms to support their learning and interest.


One of the most effective way to introduce programming to your child is through robotics. Programming is complex, but robotics demystifies abstract key concepts allowing children to understand and develop computational thinking skills.

Because of its nature of play, children as young as 5 years old can join our robotics courses. For older children, apart from programming and coding, they are challenged to assemble their own robots using our specially curated platforms.

Tactile Programming

Tactile Programming is the foundational track especially dedicated to Early Learners or Preschool children. This track focuses on building children’s computational thinking and teaching basic coding concepts without an app or a device, but through coding blocks. Inspired by Montessori principles, this track is committed to deliver learning through movement and cognition as children manipulates wooden coding blocks to give instructions to their wooden robot.

Web Development

Programming is the new math and creating opportunities for your child to develop interest and passion for web development can give them an edge ahead. Building websites, aside from learning the technical skills, also provides a platform for self-expression through content creation and design.

Maker (Inventor)

Does your child like to build new projects or have fresh ideas to improve an existing one? Our Maker (Inventor) courses aim to help children become active contributors of innovative ideas through problem-solving reallife challenges that will positively improve quality of life.

Coding Languages

Give your child an edge for the future through the Coding Languages track. From Python to C++ programming modules, your child will acquire the foundational basics for higher learning in computer science. For the more passionate ones, they may even get a shot at the National Olympiad of Informatics!

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Students of this track can experience Virtual and Augmented Reality through designing their own virtual reality world and games, along with coloring and creating their first augmented reality projects.

Digital Quotient

Growing up in a world where technology has become the norm can be challenging for children, and even adults. This track seeks to help equip children to become responsible digital users by developing children who are technologically competent and at the same time efficient, responsible and innovative users of technology.

Digital Media

To move children from being consumers of technology to creators, our multimedia track aims to train participants in the core knowledge and skills of film and video production, emphasizing on content, technical and special-effects skills. We hope to support students’ creativity in visual storytelling by nurturing their technical competencies in the latest multimedia technologies and software.

App Development

Our mobile App Development courses are the perfect avenue to start building mobile applications. Your child will first design his/her own mobile application using a fully visual drag-and-drop method and create its logic, before moving on to advanced levels where they will learn to code by syntax.

Once enrolled into the Ripple Tech Program, your child will receive an age-appropriate curriculum roadmap specially crafted by our professional education team.

The proposed curriculum roadmap runs over two years. Each student will undertake 4 basic modules in the first year, before taking on higher level modules in the second year. Due to the Covid-19 situation, all lessons are zoom-based with the opportunity for 1-2 physical classes at our center, depending on request.

Basic (7-8 yrs old)

The basic level of our program comprises of the following programs for your 7-8 yr old:

  • Transitioning from Tactile to Block Programs
  • Getting started with Animation, Stories and Games
  • Your first Robot Companion
  • Problem Solving with Computational Thinking

Accelerated Learning

  • Scratch A.I. : Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Scratch +: Deep Dive CS Concepts

Breadth Modules

  • An Insight into the world of VR and AR
  • Basics of Video Editing
Intermediate (9-10 yrs old)

The Intermediate level of our program comprises of the following programs for your 9-10 yr old.

  • Ignite Virtual Reality Learning Journey
  • Design and Create 3D Games
  • Be a Digital Maker
  • Intro to Android App Development

Accelerated Path

  • Powerful mobile apps for iOS
  • Micro:bit: Macqueen Graphical Programming Robot

Breadth Modules

  • Protecting yourself from online dangers
  • Basics of Website Creation
Advanced (11 and up)

The Advanced level of our program comprises of the Level 1 and Level 2 modules for 11 yr olds and above:

Level 1

  • Microcontrollers and Artificial Intelligence
  • Create and Publish Your Own Website
  • Use JavaScript to create dynamic movements in your website
  • Project Term: Create your very own Digital Portfolio

Level 2

  • Python Basics: Introduction for Absolute Beginners
  • Python Fundamentals: Beyond Basics, Concise and Fundamentals
  • Python Essentials: Data Structures
  • Python Object-Oriented Programming
  • Competitive Programming (Optional)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Python (Optional)

Further benefits for your child

Scaffolded Learning

The courses in every roadmap are specially tailored to be age appropriate. Your child will go through 4 basic modules in the first year, covering various platforms. Accelerated learning modules in the second year offer students a sneak peek into a higher-level platform that aim to inspire interest, while breadth modules seek to broaden the students’ horizons and encourage them to think critically about how technology could have an impact on daily life.

Further benefits

Portfolio Building

Students enrolled in our program will be encouraged to begin the process of building a portfolio of their digital works and projects as proof of their learning progress. Our trainers will be on hand to guide and advise them on how to enhance their work (which may comprise of class assignments and mini projects) to suit this purpose.

Competition Opportunities

Students can avail themselves of opportunities to participate and be trained for RippleUX, the national coding and robotics competition co-organised by ripplecreate, Nanyang Polytechnic and the UAVionics Society of Nanyang Technological University. For the more passionate ones, we are able to offer training up to the National Olympiad level in Informatics.

Our Pedagogy


Age requirements

Basic: 7-8 yrs
Intermediate: 9-10 yrs
Advanced: 11 yrs and up

Medium of teaching:


Class Size

No more than 10 students

Lesson Structure

1.5 hours per lesson
One lesson per week
8 weeks per term
Up to 8 terms (2 years) for each age group

Dates & Times

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7-8 yrs Basic $190/month
9-10 yrs Intermediate $210/month
11 and up Advanced $264/month

Why Us

Why Us
Customized Learning
  • Customized, age-appropriate Tech Curriculum Roadmap
  • Small Classes, Low Teacher-Student Ratio
Why Us
Distinctive Pedagogy & Curriculum
  • Progressive Curriculum with breadth and depth – Up to 2 years
  • Curriculum curated by educators and academics
Why Us
Accomplished Credentials
  • Authorized Education Partner by Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA)
  • Trusted by over 200 MOE and International Schools
  • Competition Winning Track Record e.g. NOI, NCC, RippleUX
“The class is structured such that the child learns about technology in a fun and interactive manner, spurring further interest in the area.”
Mdm Lora Lee, parent of Joshua, 8 years old